Sept 22-28

Posted in Running/Training on September 29, 2008 by Aaron

September 22


Course: Lake Ontario Loop

Todays run was a little more difficult then the past few. First early run in a few weeks. (0530). Felt better as I approached 7 K and in wasn’t too bad
5:34 AM
6° C
Asic Gel 1130
719/800 km

Slept: 6 hours Resting HR: 54 bpm Weight: 158.00 lbs

September 23


Course: Little Cataraqui Trails

Great Run. Really enjoy this trail. Ended up losing the plot on Trail 3 but did’t get too far off track. Can’t wait to get back out there
4:03 PM
19° C
LaSportiva Crosslites
60/800 km

Slept: 7 hours Resting HR: 54 bpm Weight: 158.00 lbs

September 24

Here things go a little pear shaped. I had all 4 wisdom teeth out and hoped to bounce back quickly however that wasn’t meant to be. I had a dry socket which was nasty and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Finally got corrected on Monday so things should be back to normal as I got the green light from the dentist. I haven’t been very fun to be around…sorry to all those who felt the wrath, anyways Monday was good so I will continue with that next week!


Sept 18-21

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September 18


Course: Birchell Rd

Felt pretty hard this morning. Looking forward to a rest day on Friday
8:06 AM
 7° C
Asic Gel 1130 (2)
285/800 km

Slept: 7.5 hours Resting HR: 54 bpm Weight: 156.00 lbs

September 20

Merrickville Trails


Very Strong run on trails. Enjoyed the temperature and actually saw someone out on trails. Felt pace was slower then it was
8:48 AM
 10° C
LaSportiva Crosslites
30/800 km

Slept: 8 hours Resting HR: 54 bpm Weight: 156.00 lbs

September 21

Merrickville Trails


Nice trail run, cooler then yesterday. Really want to go furtherbut on call so will attempt to go further  next week. Shoes working out great. Met Margaret and ran her in from her run.
8:21 AM
 9° C
LaSportiva Crosslites
40/800 km

Slept: 8 hours Resting HR: 54 bpm Weight: 157.00 lbs

Last Daily Post

Posted in Running/Training on September 17, 2008 by Aaron

     I have decided to change the format of the blog. Instead of daily posts I will do one end of the week post. Today I was back on the trails, and I did take my Garmin but only to check out distance not pace. I was able to go out for 5 K (10 K in total) and still seemed like I was just seeing the tip of the ice burg for total amount of trails available to me so I very happy about that. I will try to change things up and combine both road and trails which should keep things fresh.


SLEEP: 8 Hrs

Resting HR: 54 bpm

WEIGHT: 157 Lbs

A Balmy 5 Degrees!

Posted in Running/Training on September 16, 2008 by Aaron

     I actually had to throw on my running coat today when I headed out. I could see my breath and I now know that the fall is on the way. I decided to hit Cty Rd 16 since I have not done that route in a while and I really enjoy it. I went for 10 K and felt good, not pushing the pace at all. I am on-call this week so I will be getting my runs in when I can. The leaves are starting to change, I love this time of year. I will try to do the trails tomorrow if work permits if not I will get some sort of run in. My rest days now have been spent using the spin bike at work but no matter how hard I go I never get any where!!!!!!

SLEEP: 8.5 Hrs

Resting HR: 54 bpm

Weight: 157 Lbs


Posted in Running/Training on September 14, 2008 by Aaron

     I went out on the local trails today and was very pleased. I took Derricks advice and left the Garmin at home. Instead I went out as far as I could go in a half hour then turned around. I was happy because I don’t think I was even close to the end of the system. It had everything from wet exposed bed rock, roots, grass, large rocks, mud and sand and the only pavement was the first 300 m or so. It was technical for a beginner like myself. The running style is so much different and required me to be vigilant for rocks and other obstacles. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to get back out there. I was running in the La Sportiva Crosslites as recommended by Derrick and they worked great. I had a ton of traction even on the wet smooth rocks..thanks Derrick!

Nice and Easy

Posted in Running/Training on September 13, 2008 by Aaron

     Today I went out with the BRRC and did a nice easy run for 13.5 K’s. I felt pretty good but my ITB were a bit stiff after. It was very humid today but not too hot. I was discussing my melt down at the TIP and a few people thought I may have had Hyponatremia but I am not sure about that, what ever it was I don’t want it to happen again. I have refocused and will run the Limestone City Half in April ’09. I didn’t want to rush back into it! In the mean time I have an 8K an a 10K coming up in the fall and will work on building a solid base over the winter.

Another Easy Day

Posted in Running/Training on September 11, 2008 by Aaron

     Although my base is still there my body took a pretty good hit last Saturday so I had another easy day of 8 K at 5:15 pace. I felt pretty good with just a few aches and pains as a reminder again of Saturday. I plan to go out with the BRRC on Saturday and then try my luck at the trails on Sunday. I have an 8 K in Sydenham in October that I will be running with my wife which will be great. I am refocusing on the half for the spring of ’09 and will enjoy increasing my base training over the winter.